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Commercial and Residential Services

From Flowers to Snow, We Have Your Outdoor Needs Covered

You want a beautiful lawn and landscape, but don’t want to spend your weekends and evenings to get them.

Just as you take pride in keeping your home or business attractive and safe, our crews take pride in providing prompt, professional service with remarkable results.

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

Mowing, Aeration, Fertilization,
& More

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Installation, Renovation, Cleanup,
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Snow & Ice Management

Snow & Ice Management

Plowing, Clearing, Hauling,
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List of Services

Commercial & Residential Grounds Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Our experienced, uniformed professionals make you and your property look great as they provide services to keep your lawn’s soil and roots healthy and resistant to weeds, foot traffic and drought.

Mowing (Cutting, Trimming & Blowing): Maintaining beautiful turf means mowing at a height suitable for the species and the season. We carefully string trim areas we can’t reach with a lawn mower and then machine blow all clippings off parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. Mechanical edging is available upon request. We grass cycle* your clippings, rather than bagging them, to feed your turf and help the environment.

Aeration: Your turf looks its best when grass has better access to air, water, nutrients and fertilizer through aeration*. It’s one of the best things you can do for your lawn, and should be part of your regular maintenance.

Turf Fertilization and Weed Control: Proper fertilization is key for healthy turf. Our turf care program offers you four custom-blended applications for each season. We can also provide specialized applications to meet your lawn’s needs.

Drainage Installation and Repair

Whether you need drainage installation or repair, we’ve got an installation or repair solution that will keep excess water from damaging your landscape, the foundations of your buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, patios, pools and wash-down areas.

  • Channel drains and grates to keep the foundation of your building sound and keep sheets of water from moving across your driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, pools, patios and wash-down areas.
  • Large and small catch basins and round or square atrium grates to remove excess water from downspouts that can drown your lawn and landscape areas and damage the foundation of your buildings.
  • Downspouts, sewer and drain piping systems
  • Sewer and Drain Fittings – Sewer and drain piping systems, down spouts
  • Pop-Up Emitters – Discharges water up onto the surface near street curbs or other water safe areas
  • French Drains – above/underground
  • Grading Solutions – sometimes the simplest answer

*Please note, a $75 consultation fee may apply to drainage estimates.

Commercial & Residential Landscape Installation & Maintenance


Properly pruned bushes and trees look better and live longer. We improve light and air penetration, structural integrity, flowering and fruiting when we remove dead or diseased limbs and crossed branches. We also provide stump grinding and removal services.

Landscape Bed Maintenance: We keep your landscape beds orderly, healthy and weed free with a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent sprays and hand pulling. To help maintain a neat appearance, we also spray your parking lot and sidewalk cracks.

Bed Edging Installation

Framing your picture-perfect beds with bed edging not only keeps your flowers and plants neatly in place; it also protects them, saves soil and mulch from eroding, keeps grass from invading and significantly reduces maintenance.

Mulch: Mulch not only improves the look of your landscape, it helps conserve water, suppress weeds and enrich the fertility and protection of your shrubs, plants and flowers. Learn more about mulch merits.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Spring, summer and fall, our installation of seasonal and perennial flowers and plants from Proven Winners® can enhance the pleasing and professional look of your property.

Spring Cleanup: Wake up your property in the spring! We help it come back to life by cutting back perennials, eliminating deadwood from ornamental plants, removing leaves from your lawn and landscape, and cultivating planting areas where possible.

Fall Cleanup: Prepare your property for the winter season. We offer leaf and debris removal, late fall pruning, cutting back perennials, elimination of annuals, and hauling and dumping among our fall cleanup services.

Commercial Snow & Ice Management

Don’t let another harsh Michigan winter affect your business when we can keep your walkways, steps, roadways and parking lots safe and accessible for employees and visitors.
Think of us as not only your experienced, prompt, reliable snow and ice removal service; think of us as your liability protection service, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We track incoming storm events, alerting and preparing our team of snow and ice fighters in advance so your property will be safe and clear for visitors and employees. Our experienced professionals, armed with pre-purchased bulk salt, bagged salt and ice melt products and multiple types of equipment, can keep you up and running with a wide range of snow and ice management services.

Snow Plowing

Our crews and fleet of trucks, backhoes and front-end loaders, make quick work of removing snow from your properties. Safe access to your parking lot begins with our snow plowing service.

Snow Watch Service: Get peace of mind with our snow and ice watch service. Any day the temperature is below 37º or when there may be a chance of slip and fall conditions, we do pre-dawn checks of your property and get to work making your property safe and clear for visitors and employees.

Sidewalk Shoveling

Sidewalk Clearing: Snowy walkways and steps limit access to your building and increase your liability. We work 24/7 during snow and ice storm systems, scheduling return visits when they continue to dump snow and freezing rain, to keep your sidewalks clear and safe.

Salt/Ice Melt Application

Application of Salt & Other Melting Products: Slippery sidewalks and surfaces present problems for visitors to your property. We offer a solution with high performing products that stop snow and ice from bonding to your surfaces, all while accelerating melting. Since we buy pre-season, we can guarantee the price and availability of bulk salt, bagged salt and ice melt products.

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