Ice Dams

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Ice Dams

An ice dam is a barrier made of ice that prevents water from flowing off your roof. Ice dams result when water from melting snow flows to your roofs edges and then freezes. More melting produces water that then becomes trapped on the roof because the ice dam prevents it flowing into the gutters or the ground. Standing water behind the ice dam gets trapped under your shingles and penetrates the roof sheeting. Significant damage to your can be the result. Avoid damage from leaking with prompt action and maintenance.

What Should I Do?

The most effective way to prevent ice dams is to keep the under surface of your roof cold. Ice dams occur most often when the layer of snow closest to the roof melts and runs down beneath the snow above.

Ways to keep your roof cold:

  • Proper Ventilation–make sure your attic is well ventilated and the vents are free of snow
  • Adequate Insulation–inspect your attic insulation for bare or matted spots.
  • Remove snow from your roof